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By: VR Bozeman Concierge 10/14/2020
Upscale Shopping & Art Galleries in Downtown Bozeman

While preparing for your trip to Bozeman, consider leaving room in your suitcase or packing an extra bag for all of the local products you’ll want to bring back with you. Downtown Bozeman is blessed w...

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By: VR Bozeman Concierge 10/07/2020
Downtown Dishes that Highlight Local Ingredients

In Downtown Bozeman, there is a keen focus on keeping things local. Even with the city's rapid growth, you won't see many chain or big-box establishments here, and especially not downtown. Prioritizin...

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By: VR Bozeman Concierge 09/14/2020
Stay a While and Live Like a Local in a Little Cottage

Bozeman, Montana is hard to experience in a single weekend. With remote work opportunities becoming more and more common, why not stay a month instead? With VRBozeman’s extended-stay rentals, you can ...

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By: VR Bozeman Concierge 09/10/2020
What It’s Like to Stay with VRBozeman- Vacation Rentals

So, you’re planning a visit to Bozeman, Montana, and we know why. Its beautiful mountain vistas, plentiful outdoor recreation, and historic downtown are calling, drawing you in. Deciding where to stay...

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By: VR Bozeman Concierge 09/04/2020
VRBozeman - Vacation Rentals Are Steeped in History

Though most known for its abundance of outdoor adventure, Bozeman is also a city with rich history, evident in the many well-preserved buildings and homes downtown and in surrounding neighborhoods. On...

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By: VR Bozeman Concierge 08/31/2020
Dreamy Date Nights in Downtown Bozeman

In Bozeman, you don’t need a special occasion for a date night. With so many options for both relaxation and excitement in downtown Bozeman, you’ll take any opportunity to celebrate with your signific...

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