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Neighborhood Spotlight | Steep Mountain Tea House

January 19,2021

By: primeinc

Tea has a rich history worldwide, with flavors ranging from light and fruity to spicy and weighty. Whether your tea drinking habits fall firmly in the Lipton-by-the-fire camp, or you prefer loose leaf tea steeped to perfection, you’ll find the appeal in Bozeman’s Steep Mountain Tea House. Here’s the rundown on all that we love about Steep Mountain – a staple in downtown Bozeman, Montana.

The Story Behind the Spot

Steep Mountain Tea House, formerly Townshend’s Bozeman Teahouse, serves up over 100 loose leaf teas to enjoy on-site or to take home with you. In 2020, it was acquired by the Inspired Madness family of eateries, though the former owners have stayed on as managers to bring their tea expertise to the table.

Inspired Madness self-describes as a “small but mighty company based in Bozeman, MT.” They own and operate the Daily Coffee & Eatery, Feed Cafe, and Lot G Cafe in addition to the new addition of Steep Mountain Tea House, making a delicious family of food and drink to fuel your Bozeman adventures.


Glass jars of loose leaf tea line the walls, and rich paint colors accompanying vintage ceiling tiles weave a cozy hangout spot in the center of downtown Bozeman. Pull out a book while you sip, or bring a friend for a heads-together conversation over a comforting cup. Pick a table for two or a comfy couch while you take in the local art on the walls. You can use the wifi to catch up on some work or browsing, or put your phone on airplane mode for a bit of disconnecting time.

Sip Onsite

Each tea is like a friend at Steep Mountain, with its own personality and distinct profile. Teas come from a global range of suppliers, and some blends are mixed and taste-tested to perfection right in house.

From Tiawanese bubble tea to Yerba Maté, an essential piece of Argentine, Paraguayan and Uruguayan culture, you can find a little something from everywhere. If your palate leans toward British high tea, you’ll find black teas fit for the queen. Or you can relax with an herbal cup to sip on. Varieties range from Rooibos to green, white and oolong, so you’ll never tire of the options. The biggest challenge lies in the choice.


Eats at Steep Mountain come from sister company Daily Coffee & Eatery, where pastries and desserts are second nature. And another jewel in the crown of Inspired Madness, Feed Cafe, earns the glory for the fresh-baked sandwich bread. Sink your teeth into something tasty, and see what pairing you can find with your beverage.

Take to Brew

The teas on site are all available for sale to take home. And if you find you develop an addiction to a flavor in particular, the good news is that you can order some more online. So sip away, and enjoy the taste that reminds you of your time in Bozeman

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