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January 06, 2021

Boutique Fitness & Spa Experiences Near Downtown Bozeman

Bozeman is a town defined by its healthy lifestyle. From ultra-healthy vegan options to a population that essentially grew up pursuing the outdoors, this valley is one that holds fitness in high priority. This helps those looking to get away to the little mountain town, especially for an extended stay. Wellness options—from spas to cycling studios—seem to speckle the whole city. Today we're doing the heavy lifting for you as we narrow them down to our favorite boutique fitness and wellness experiences in Bozeman.

If You're Looking to Break a Sweat

One of the best things about Bozeman's fitness scene is that it offers a wide variety of workout styles for all kinds of experiences. Unlike many destination towns, you're not relegated to the one 24-hour gym. Whether you're looking to cycle, stretch it out in yoga, strength train privately, or something entirely different, Bozeman has a boutique studio for you.

Bridger Pilates

This studio is a perfect fit for anyone looking for a more private workout experience. While they do offer classes, Bridger Pilates' main draw lies in their offerings of solo, duet, and small group classes. Whether you're here for work, getting away on a girls' trip, or spending a season with the family, Bridger Pilates offers an intimate workout environment that is tailored specifically to each client's needs.

Unlike some older Pilates studios, Bridger Pilates is based on the STOTT Method. This is the practice of integrating the original exercise method with modern science for a greater emphasis on form, spinal rehabilitation (which we could all use these days), muscle balance, and stabilization. Check out their monthly memberships or day passes for all class options.

Like Iron Strength Training

For the newcomer who'd like to get some serious lifting in, Like Iron Strength Training is the place for you. Started by the Goodman brothers, this gym is a no-nonsense space that's filled with the highest quality equipment for the best resistance training around. With backgrounds in exercise science and nutrition, its founders are passionate about combining science, personal experience, and individual preference to help their clients attain measurable performance goals. Whether you opt to do this in one-on-one strength training or as part of a small group, these experts are always at hand to give you the greatest lifting experience in Bozeman and beyond. Want to give it a shot before committing? Drop-in between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. on Fridays for a free sweat sesh.


This cycling studio has taken Bozeman by storm since its launch a few years ago, developing a dedicated following of die-hard cycle-addicts. What makes Zephyr so different? It's the mantra of empowerment that underlies everything they do—from the way they format their class to the way they support their community. Going to a Zephyr class is more of an experience than a workout, with many attendees leave their first class absolutely hooked and biting at the bit to sign up for more. When attending a class at their beautiful location just a few blocks from Main Street, expect to be equally challenged and supported beyond what you could have ever imagined. Owner Carolyn has truly created a culture that feels luxurious yet inclusive to all. Check out their website for monthly, weekly, and drop-in classes.

Pure Barre

Tucked just off Mendenhall across from the Element Hotel, Purre Barre offers locals a franchise barre experience led by highly trained barre experts. With more than 500 locations around the US, this studio is the perfect hassle-free opportunity for those who are already members and looking to simply drop in. Workouts center on small movements for big results—focusing on the low-impact form that lifts and tones muscles through endurance. Don't let the term "low-impact" fool you—this is a cardio workout for sure. This studio is perfect for anyone dealing with nagging injuries and needs to avoid high-impact workouts but still desires to get a serious burn on. Check out their website for monthly and weekly class pass options.

If You're Looking to Decompress

If Bozeman is full of boutique workout experiences, it's equally equipped with a strong spa and wellness scene. Whether you're looking for a simple afternoon of relaxation or wanting something a little more cleansing, Bozeman's boutique wellness experience is waiting for you.

Canyon River Spa

This spa and salon is perfect for anyone looking for a luxurious getaway while visiting Bozeman. Located just down the road off 19th Street, Canyon River Spa offers patrons a variety of high-end treatments for hair, skin, body, and general massage. Those looking for skin services will find themselves choosing from the highest quality processes and products. Choose from standard facials or plant-based alternatives to microdermabrasion and chemical peels. For the body, essential oils and Aveda products come together for soothing body wraps and a variety of massage options.

Instinct Bozeman

With a primary focus on skincare, Instinct Bozeman is a holistic approach to wellness, focusing on the most natural and noninvasive pathways to better skin. Their extensive service list covers everything: from facials, to thread lifting, to LED light therapy, dermaplaning, laser hair removal, and more. Don't let this extensive list mislead you, however. They also specialize in all types of body massage, sugaring, infrared saunas, as well as lash and brow tinting. Contact their certified professionals today for your first appointment.

The Loft Salon and Spa

More of a traditional salon, The Loft is conveniently located right on Main in one of Bozeman's beautiful historic buildings. From the moment you set foot in this salon, relaxation begins to take hold. These experts have put a great deal of energy into creating an exquisite space that feels like an escape within an escape. Their approach to wellness focuses on whole-body purification, offering top-of-the-line services in hair, skin, and nails. Try out their Hammam for an in-town hot springs experience or take advantage of their luxury hair services, mani/pedis offerings, variety of massages, and even wellness coaching.

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