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September 08, 2021

The Perfect Day Trip from Bozeman to Big Sky

Big Sky Resort is just 45 scenic miles from Bozeman, making the ideal day trip in any month of the year. Experience all the resort community has to offer, and then return to the amenities and culture of Bozeman, reaping the best of both worlds. Plan your day trip from Big Sky to Bozeman with a few of these favorites in mind.

Enjoy the Drive

The drive from Bozeman to Big Sky takes drivers through the winding Gallatin Canyon, a wild way with plenty to see as you meander along the tumultuous Gallatin River.

It’s worth a stop at spots like Bozeman Hot Springs, where you can soak and sauna your way to relaxation. Take it as a quiet way to start the morning, or cap off a day of adventure under the stars while the water steams.

As you drive into the mountains, note some of the significant waypoints along the highway. As you venture through the canyon, don’t pass by trailheads like Storm Castle Peak and Lava Lake, or even just the viewpoints right off the road. You might not have time for them all, but getting in a short hike will help you appreciate the changing scenery as you leave the Gallatin Valley.

Things to Do in Big Sky

Up in Big Sky, the resort and surrounding national forest holds a host of activities that will take you outdoors and into adventure. Though a ski resort screams winter, you’ll love summer, spring and fall too. Here are a few of the top activities to try.

In Summer

In summer, you have hiking, mountain biking, scenic gondola rides, rafting, ziplining or horseback riding to keep you entertained and your whole body engaged in the Montana experience. Golf, rock climbing and fly fishing top off any day. Or, take it easy with a brief walk and a deep breath or two, and take in the views.

In Winter

Winter is ski and snowboard time, with Big Sky in a constant battle to be named the biggest skiing in North America. But whether its skiable acres have crept up on other top contenders this year, you’ll still love the terrain and the snowpack here.

For those who don’t get into shredding the slopes, you can still catch a gondola ride up to Lone Peak, strap on some snowshoes, or hop in a horse-drawn sleigh.

Where to Eat in Big Sky

Horn and Cantle serves up a self-billed offering of on-the-range classics. This is an adventurous taste of the best of the old west. Enjoy seasonal ingredients whipped up into craft dishes to sate your appetite after a day of adventure. So don’t hold back on the hikes and ski runs, because it’s about to get hearty here.

A meaty menu will satisfy the carnivore, and you’ll find an original dish or two for a veggie-oriented palate. But we’re here for the trout and the bison burgers, the ribeye and the duck, or whatever else their local suppliers deliver for ultimate freshness and taste. Don’t leave dessert on the table, with a selection sure to get you hungry again even after you’ve polished off the last bite.

Local fare to round out a big day under the Big Sky pairs perfectly with a luxury stay at a VRBozeman property. With easy access to a host of day trips, a Bozeman home base just makes sense. Book your stay, and embrace the best of the west.

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