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May 26, 2021

New, Trendy Places to Shop in Downtown Bozeman

One of the greatest attractions of Bozeman is its ability to provide a sense of both historic, old-west quaintness and modern amenities. This is even more true with the recent additions of some beloved nationwide brands that have made their way into our little corner of the world on Downtown Main Street in Bozeman.

While Bozemanites and visitors alike have always enjoyed local luxury shops like Meridian or Revolvr, access to national brands had to be found online. However, the past couple of years have brought trendy, national brands to Bozeman's Main Street, with even more soon to follow. Here are some new faces on Main Street that are recognized nationally, where you can actually try on your favorite items and then take them back home with you.


When Lululemon first dipped a toe in the Bozeman market, it did so as a small pop-up store smack dab in the middle of Main Street in the summer months. The company's trial run in the heart of downtown was a huge success, and it quickly became obvious that the luxury athletic brand was filling a local need. It wasn't long before the experimental pop-up shuttered it's doors and reopened just a few months later as a permanent fixture in the downtown community.

Lululemon has done a fabulous job of weaving themselves into the local fabric. They've hosted intimate yoga events, teamed up with local boss babes like The Wellness Rookie for collaborations, and done feature highlights on a handful of powerhouse female influencers in the community. For a massive international brand, Lululemon has gone above and beyond to make itself an integral part of the local shopping experience. It's a great place to pick up apparel for your next hike, run or yoga class while in Bozeman.


Perhaps Athleta had the right idea by letting Lululemon take the first jump into a market that is fiercely loyal to it's local business owners. It seemed like almost as soon as Lululemon became a permanent fixture on Main Street, Athleta was moving in just across the way. The company created quite a buzz when they boarded up the old Miller’s Jewelry with white slats, creating anticipation throughout the town as they awaited the shop’s unveiling.

Athleta’s addition to the Main Street shopping experience gives locals a more well-rounded shopping experience. If Lululemon doesn’t have what you’re looking for, you can bet Athleta will. And there’s no lack of shoppers in the corner store. With one of the most active populations in the country, shops like Athleta are far from hurting for customers. It’s a win-win for locals and visitors alike. Shoppers can put their money toward high-quality items that will last. And all it takes is a quick pop into the dressing room to find athleisure wear you'll love.


While Lululemon and Athleta cater to the every-day athlete or athleisure lover, Voormi has come for the hardcore. While it’s not exactly a local startup, the company’s mission and passions align so perfectly with the Bozeman community that you’d think they were home-grown. As the company’s second location, the downtown shop allows the team at Voormi to continue spreading their noble clothing mission. This isn’t your average athletic retailer. Their focus is extremely high-functioning gear for the most extreme environments—which we have plenty of here in Montana.

From day one, the company set out to do things differently. They skipped the “sell more” mentality that leads to so much waste with most retail companies and opted for a completely new mantra within their industry. They decided to serve the outdoor market with fewer pieces, each designed to be an all-you-need kind of garment, and one that will last a lifetime. They build all of their pieces in-house with American-sourced products, keeping their costs down with their direct-to-consumer model, and narrowing their overall footprint. Whatever weather you’re planning to face, Voormi has the high-performance gear to get you through it, whether you’re tracking elk through the backcountry or ridge running at extreme elevations.

We’ve loved having these alternative options as a part of our community and are interested to see how their arrival and success will continue to shape our downtown.

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