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September 22, 2021

The Newest Restaurants in Downtown Bozeman You Won't Want to Miss

If there’s one thing we seem to say over and over, it's that you should never judge Bozeman by its size. On paper, she looks like nothing to bat an eye at: a population right above 50,000 and a dot on the map that sits seven hours away from the nearest big city. Maybe it’s why our little town has been called the best kept secret of the West for so long. Landing in Bozeman, you'll realize it's a city bustling with new business, loaded with amenities, and growing bigger every day. And we’re not talking strip malls and chain establishments. Instead, Bozeman continues to see locally owned, artisan businesses pop up again and again.

The Bozeman Restaurant Scene Continues to Boom

One industry that isn’t slowing down any time soon (and one we’re most excited about) is Bozeman’s food scene, especially when it comes to downtown Main Street. Even in a year where restaurants were hardest hit, Bozeman managed to add some new options to the menu. That’s why today we’re highlighting some of our favorite new spots that are a must try on Main Street. Let’s dig in!

Hooked Sushi

Hooked Sushi is the latest establishment to hit the downtown scene, and we honestly couldn’t be a bigger fans. Main Street has been in need of an authentic Japanese joint for a good while, and Hooked is answering the call. The restaurant has put a clever western spin on eastern tradition, daring its diners to do what we do best in Montana — explore new frontiers and seek adventure. Inside the restaurant, you'll find a simple, modern ambience and groups of people toasting with sake in their cups.

Those bold enough to try their specialty rolls will find unexpected items on the menu such as habanero oil, goat cheese, and even marinated tofu. But don’t worry, if you’ve got a hankering for the comforting classics like the caterpillar, rainbow, or spicy salmon roll, Hooked has you covered, with high-quality fish that doesn't require a lot of extra ingredients. Have a big eater who always says sushi isn’t filling enough? Hooked also offers piping hot bowls of savory ramen, fish and chips, and fish tacos.

How does such a unique take on sushi make it to Main Street? That’s where the owners come in. Established by two entrepreneurial spirits, Hooked is the brainchild of Chris Unger and Jon Slye. Unger grew up in a hardworking Hi-Line Montana community, bringing his sense of grit, and western adventure to the business. Combine his Montana work ethic with Jon’s Seattle food scene experience and you’ve got quite the combo on your hand. Jon, who worked in his grandma’s kitchen before moving on to a career as a chef, found his love of fresh seafood in Seattle’s markets. Together, they’re bringing Bozeman a sushi experience unlike any other.


Tucked just off Main Street, Revelry opened its doors in June of last year in what used to be the Starky's location. Opening a restaurant in the middle of 2020 was not for the faint of heart, so Revelry’s booming success should say as much about the restaurant as the food itself. The restaurant had some incredibly large shoes to fill in taking over Starky’s, and they’ve done a great job positioning themselves as their own unique brand. Inside, diners are surrounded by a rustic modern aesthetic, complete with original brick, raw lumber, and beautiful iron work. The air is thick with the aroma of their wood burning stove as you sit under the warm yellow twinkle lights that hang from the ceiling. And when it comes to the menu, there truly is something for everyone. Whether you’re stopping in for their salmon hash and a mule-mosa for brunch, splitting an artisan pizza for lunch, or capping your night with their ricotta cavatelli, you won’t be disappointed.


If you’re looking for a night on the town with an upscale experience, we highly recommend Fielding’s. Located in the lobby of the much talked about Armory Hotel, Fielding’s offers Bozeman’s locals and visitors alike a high-end dining experience. Much like the rest of the hotel, the restaurant has been designed in fashion with the historic nature of the original Armory building. Art deco touches line every corner of the restaurant, creating a unique encounter as soon as you step over the threshold. Exquisite tile floors sit beneath bold, retro booths of olive-green leather. Artisan cocktails are served in hand-etched glass with trimmings too beautiful to miss. And as for the fare itself? We recommend starting with the Burrata (prosciutto, arugula puree, candied walnut, grilled bread) and going for the Braised Bison Short Rib for your main course. They’re sure to impress!

Smoke Fire & Coal

When it comes to comfort food in Bozeman, no one does it quite like Smoke Fire & Coal. This is the kind of food that warms your bones and fills you to the brim. Backed by a team of highly experienced restaurateurs, this eatery brings comfort food to Main Street in a way that downtown has never seen. But don’t be intimidated, there is something for everyone! Choose from small plates of candied bacon, chicken cracklings, or smoked tamales. Got a hankering for some home cooking? Look no further than the entrees, with meatloaf that will make your mother jealous, smoked mac n cheese, or their gravy smothered chicken. Looking for something in between? Try one of their sandwiches or salads (of which they claim even your boyfriend would eat).

Red Sugar Dim Sum

Red Sugar hit Main Street one year ago as Montana’s first ever dim sum eatery! This Chinese cuisine is unique to the Bozeman area, offering diners homemade dishes that are unlike anything they'' find throughout the city. The Red Sugar menu is backed by a chef with 45 years of experience in this authentic cuisine, whipping up traditional dishes like baked roast pork buns, shrimp noodle rolls, shanghai dumplings, and more. Hit the restaurant for dinner and be on the lookout for their rotating specialty items. While the food is sure to live up to your expectations, the staff will absolutely blow them out of the water. Friendly, warm, and happy to have you, this team is one of the best on Main Street.

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