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July 23, 2021

Neighborhood Spotlight | Open Range

Open Range is the kind of restaurant you don’t need to hear about: your nose may pull you in right off the street. It isn’t enough to clean your plate: you’ll want to pick the bones clean and order seconds. Fortunately, with a town favorite like this held tight to the core of downtown Bozeman, it’s easy to justify coming back again and again. Take a look at Open Range, rightfully in the neighborhood spotlight.

The Base Layer: Local Ingredients

At Open Range, the experience starts with the basics to lay a strong foundation. Each dish begins with the farmers who produce the highest quality produce and meat, right here in Montana whenever possible. From there, staff at the restaurant source these ethical ingredients, and they arrive fresh and ready for magic to happen. That’s where the fun commences.

Menu Flourishes

Even fine dining is designed to be casual in Montana, but that doesn’t mean you won’t taste the elegance that is each carefully orchestrated morsel here at Open Range. You’ll taste the Montana flavor when you bite into their 72-hour bison short ribs, seasoned with Berbere spices and Meyer lemon BBQ sauce. Or opt for the catch of the day when you order up a dish like the Atlantic swordfish (with English pea, Prosecco, broad bean, parsley and dill) with a starter of tempura shrimp (complete with Yuzu mayo, sambal, cilantro and black lime).

But don’t count on the menu staying constant, as they rotate seasonally with their supply sources to ensure they only serve the freshest. You can be sure you’ll find elevated flavors and high-end options. That means you should return often to see what’s new and utterly delicious. Just be sure to save room for dessert (crème brûlée, anyone?).

Classic Cocktails Done Right

Raise a glass to the delights of Montana’s big sky with a few of their handcrafted beverages. They do the classics best, with all your basics covered and whipped up with liquors sourced by discerning bartenders. Or you can opt for a house specialty cocktail, created with Montana and the menu in mind.

This year, we could all use a Fire Season – made of gin, elderflower, amaro, blood orange, chile and bitters – to ease the heat of summer. And the Land of Snakes adds a dash of spice with Jameson, English pea pod syrup, lime, chartreuse, pink peppercorn and pink salt. Go ahead, taste your way down the cocktail menu and celebrate the combinations that come to greet your palate.

Added Atmosphere

High ceilings, twinkling lights, with photos of a few favorite four-legged friends on the walls – the atmosphere leads you down a path of ambiance and relaxation that suits the quality of your meal. Take a look around and breathe in the fragrance wafting from the kitchen while you savor your meal.

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