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Best Coffee Shops in Bozeman, MT

February 10,2021

By: primeinc

Imagine yourself strolling along a downtown sidewalk, turn of the century architecture lacing either side of the street as you step out of the chilly winter weather and into a wide set of old wooden doors. You walk to the counter, order a turmeric ginger latte (made with spices from the local bodega next door) and settle into a plush armchair. You're not dreaming. You're in Bozeman, MT.

Bozeman’s coffee shop scene is one worthy of a city three times its size. Seattle can have its Starbucks on every corner--we'll take our artisan-crafted, mom-and-pop made lattes. Unlike most small towns, visitors and locals of Bozeman don't have to sacrifice style or selection when it comes to their coffee. Indeed, if you were to stand at one edge of Main Street, you'd find yourself a stone’s throw away from at least five fabulous coffee stops. Today, we're diving into the best coffee shops in Bozeman, MT.

1. Treeline Coffee Roasters

This little gem began as a company creating single-serve, gourmet pour-over pouches for campers and wanderers who didn’t want to sacrifice great coffee for an even greater outdoor adventure. As roasters of their own beans, they eventually began filling so many orders that the dream to open a brick-and-mortar shop was born. Visitors staying at the Lark or close to West Main can find their second location tucked nicely in the lobby of the Lark. But their first location, just a few blocks down the road on North Wallace Avenue, is more than worth the quick jaunt. A hybrid between their actual roastery (exposed to the public) and a sit-in coffee house, this little building is sure to take your breath away. Its tall, industrial ceilings, vintage tiled bar, and real wooden table and chairs are ensconced in walls that are nearly all window, flooding the already beautiful space with natural light.

This location isn’t dripping with power outlets and makes the shop more of a gathering place for one-on-one get-togethers. While still quaint and quiet, you’ll find less of a working crowd and more of a calm space filled with the quiet hum of soft conversation.

Favorite order: Standard black pour-over coffee (enjoyed outside on the lawn in spring)

2. Rockford Coffee

One of Bozeman’s younger coffee establishments, Rockford sits right in the middle of Main Street and is a great place for anyone looking to get a little work done. The shotgun building offers plenty of seating space while still managing to feel cozily tucked away. Its more industrial, minimalist vibe mixes beautifully with the original brick walls that sit exposed along the perimeter. Rockford has largely become a place for professionals and students to come and get work done, likely due to their more unconventional hours for a Bozeman coffee shop. While most places serving local coffee close their doors around 2:00 or 3:00 p.m., Rockford stays open for its patrons well into the evening. The result is an environment of people quietly working, along with those strolling down Main Street who've popped in for a pick-me-up. Their seasonal drinks are an especially delightful treat and are offered with a variety of milk options for dairy-free folks. Our favorite aspect, though, would have to be their baked goods. If you’re watching your waistline, it may be a good idea to just keep your eyes on the drink board overhead. The cases surrounding the counter are stuffed with blackberry galettes, homemade mini pies, handcrafted sugar cookies, carrot coffee cakes, and more.

Favorite order: Turmeric ginger latte with oat milk (paired with their homemade zucchini bread)

3. Wild Joe's Coffee

Just a block down Main Street from Rockford sits one of Bozeman’s oldest and most beloved coffee shops in town. Named after the wild west and inspired by the beatnik era of Greenwich Village, this place is a funky stop that any visitor should take the time to check out. The shop’s focus on community is palpable from the moment you walk in the door. From the live music nights, to the local art on the wall, to the flyers supporting local businesses, to the patrons who have been meeting at the same table every week for years, Wild Joe’s immediately feels like an innate part of Bozeman. It’s no wonder it’s a must-stop for the likes of Jennifer Garner, Michael Keaton or John Mayer whenever they’re passing through town.

Favorite order: Half-sweet lavender latte (sipped between turns over one of the many classic board games provided)

4. The Daily Coffee Bar

While this one isn’t located directly on Main Street, both of the Daily’s locations are close enough that it would be a shame to miss out. Visitors can head down Rouse towards the Cannery District location or head over to their original (and somewhat smaller) spot close to campus. For more seating space, we’d recommend heading to the Cannery District (not to mention the great shopping, sushi, and cocktails that await!). This location is a particularly great space for anyone looking to get a little work done in some peace and quiet. Their two-story layout means that guests can escape the busy sounds of customers ordering, espresso being steamed, and the other familiar sounds of a coffee shop that can be endearing until you’re trying to compose an email or crunch numbers.

Much like Rockford, The Daily has a gift for its baked goods and breakfast options. These treats are so elegantly displayed that it’s nearly impossible not to make a last-minute decision at the register to add one to your order.

Favorite order: Americano with a splash of coconut milk (enjoyed along with their bee sting bun—trust us)

5. Townshend's Tea House

Okay, okay. We know we said coffee shops, but this little tea house is too good not to include on the list. Tucked all the way at the end of Main Street’s east end, Townsend’s is the only tea house to be found in Bozeman. And while there’s something for everyone at this establishment, tea connoisseurs will be truly delighted. There’s a standard menu hanging overhead to order from, but for the more well-versed tea drinker, the options are endless. Lining nearly an entire wall of the tea house is an assortment of drawers filled with loose tea leaves for smelling. Tea drinkers can peruse the different options and combine whichever leaves they like for their own custom tea order. Wanting something a little sweeter? Opt for their boba tea, where you can choose your base tea as well as your flavor.

Favorite order: Classic chai (with just a smidge of raw honey)

Did your favorite make our list of the best coffee shops in Bozeman, MT? For more tips about where to eat, stay and play in luxury during your visit to Bozeman, visit the rest of our blog.

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