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March 12, 2021

Where to Go Ice Skating in Bozeman

It's no secret that the winter season here in Bozeman can be a long one, and outdoor winter hobbies keep visitors happy and moving. And while most jump to the conclusion that they have to strap on their skis or snowboard, there are many other options for those looking to stay active during the winter without tracking up and down the mountain. One of our favorite options that the whole family can enjoy is ice skating. The Bozeman area offers many different opportunities and experiences when it comes to ice skating, from racing around the rink to getting out into nature and enjoying some wild ice. Let’s glide into some of our favorite spots for ice skating in Bozeman.

Haynes Pavilion

Located just off of Main Street in downtown Bozeman, this indoor ice facility offers a variety of programs, public skating, and live events for everyone. Enjoy the full-size rink on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during their public skate hours. Gallatin Ice has a great calendar that allows you to organize your view by time or event so that you never miss a thing!

Bogert, Beall, and Southside Parks

If you want to get outside for a little skating but aren't quite up for trekking out into the wild, Bozeman offers some great opportunities through its local parks! The Bozeman Parks and Trails District continues to offer free public skating and on-ice programs at the outdoor rinks located at Bogert Park, Beall Park, and Southside Park. These parks offer easy, no fuss options: just grab your skates or sticks and go!

Wild Ice

One of the main reasons people come to Montana is to get out and experience the incredible nature that makes up our state in the winter months. This time of year can provide some especially breathtaking views that are unparalleled anywhere else. One of the best ways to do this is to try your hand at wild ice skating – skating on a naturally-formed pond. While there are a few ponds located around town that you could hop to, the real experience is waiting beyond the city limits.

Just north of Townsend, the great Canyon Ferry Lake waits for anyone who is willing to put a few miles on the tires in order to get there. Ennis Lake is another great option for some wild ice skating, as it freezes easily due to its shallow waters.

No matter where in the wild you're skating this season, if you're hitting naturally frozen ponds, your number one concern should always be safety. Be sure to check ice conditions, have proper gear, and always go with at least one buddy.

Where to Rent Gear

Interested in renting gear and giving it a try before diving full-force into the sport? You can rent skates on site at Haynes Pavilion, or at Chalet Sports before you head out. You can also buy used ice skates and hockey sticks at Second Wind Sports or Play It Again Sports. In an active town, there’s plenty of winter gear floating around!

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