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November 10, 2021

Neighborhood Spotlight | The Loft Spa

When it comes to relaxation, a Bozeman stay pairs best with a little bit of luxury pampering. Nothing speaks to this better than the Loft Spa, located centrally in Bozeman’s downtown neighborhood. The building’s historic brick front sets the stage for a luxury experience with plenty of style. So settle in and plan your visit to this neighborhood favorite: the Loft Spa.

Their Story

Awarded the designation of Best Day Spa of Bozeman, this locally-owned business has been serving customers for over 14 years. Today, you can find one of the most unique menus of spa experiences in town, with a range of offerings sure to soothe tired muscles and smooth skin in need of a refresh.

The Loft strives to promote harmony and balance in clientele, using only the highest quality products for each treatment. It’s all about a personalized experience for each and every guest in this establishment.

Atmosphere and Aesthetic

As the name implies, the Loft has an airy vibe, with huge lobby windows and a cozy exposed brick aesthetic. Twinkle lights set the mood to soft and relaxed, while mid-century modern decor keeps it classic. It’s hard not to feel relaxed while you kick back in comfort here.

Top Treatments to Try

You’ll find all the spa staple treatments at the Loft, from waxing to hair, nails, massage, facials and sunless tanning. But there are also several unique offerings to book. Here are a few of the top treatments to add to your spa pampering appointment.


This hot-cold therapy makes a convenient in-town alternative to the hot spring. It is currently on offer for lifestyle members, a membership that makes a soothing addition to an extended Bozeman stay.


Ayurvedic lifestyle consulting introduces you to this ancient method of holistic healing that seeks to find balance between the mind, body and spirit. Consultations will guide you through building new mindset connections with your body, working through your relationship with food and how it supports you through your life’s journey.


This form of ancient Chinese medicine relies on manipulating pressure points with fine needles to achieve a wide variety of health and wellness goals. Acupuncture therapists at the Loft Spa work with you to discover what you wish to pursue, whether it’s relaxation, skin rejuvenation, or stimulating collagen and elastin production. You can even opt for an LED therapy add-on for extra warming and anti-aging benefits.


You don’t need to pick just one option. Spa packages make the choice easy, as you combine experiences into the ultimate one-stop visit for relaxation. Indulge in an aromatherapy massage, with a relaxing facial, pedicure, manicure, hammam and spa lunch. Or nourish with a tension-release massage, refresher facial, manicure, pedicure and hammam to round out the day.

Make an Appointment

To make an appointment, it’s as simple as a phone call or a few clicks to make an online booking. Once your online account is set up, it’s a seamless process to book in future, making each subsequent visit to Bozeman a treat of indulgence and well-deserved self-spoiling.

When you set an intention for a relaxing Bozeman vacation, a visit to the Loft Spa goes hand-in-hand with a VRBozeman stay. With a vacation rental that feels even better than home, you can explore and relax with abandon. When you’re ready for the adventure to begin, book your luxury stay under the Big Sky.

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