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December 21, 2021

How Do I Find Corporate Housing in Bozeman, Montana?

We're not going to sugarcoat it. Suitable corporate housing is hard to find.

If your business is bringing you to Bozeman for a time period too short for traditional leases and longer than several nights, where do you stay? Most of the time, we see companies going with a hotel. In fact, the hotels around Bozeman, MT are booked solid by tourists, traveling nurses and executives working abroad.

Start By Throwing Out the Old Rule Book

We’ve all done it, stayed in a hotel room or Airbnb that’s overpriced and less than comfortable. Internet often is spotty, rooms are small, and both are often outside the Bozeman city limits.

That simply won't do—corporate housing needs to be remarkable. Your employees need a space that can entertain prospects, and a place where they can relax. Because of this, we always suggest finding an extended stay rental instead of a hotel room or an Airbnb.

How to Find an Extended Stay Rental

Extended stay rentals are harder to find than hotels and Airbnbs for two reasons.

  1. Extended stay rentals are often more exclusive
  2. Extended stay rentals are often only listed on in-house websites

The best way to find extended stay rentals in Bozeman or any other town is to get feet on the ground! Search for 'Extended Stay Rentals in X' or 'Corporate Rentals in X' and/or call up the chamber of commerce in the town you intend to visit.

Alternatively, you can look right here! If you're reading this, then you've already found an extended stay rental company perfect for corporate guests visiting Bozeman, MT. We provide premium furnished corporate housing rentals that our guests have universally loved.

VRBozeman’s Corporate Housing Options

Best Exterior

Our best properties for luxury corporate housing are our Little Cottages or our Vintage House. Both rentals are blocks from downtown, offer complete sets of amenities, and include an upscale design that's sure to wow any guest (or potential customer).

We've had guests from all walks of life use our corporate extended stay rentals—from traveling doctors to Apple executives.

Our properties are sure to please anyone looking for the perfect corporate housing solution. Please feel free to reach out today!

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