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November 30, 2021

4 Reasons Why a Montana Vacation Should Be Your Next Getaway

Montana vacations are golden opportunities to refresh your soul.

Montana's state seal reads 'Oro y Plata', or Gold & Silver. Our seal is an homage to Montana's gold rush days that have since faded into history. Still, even though our boomtown days have passed, there's gold in these hills.

Today, Montana’s treasure is its great outdoors—vast expanses bursting with wildlife and rich, western culture. So, why should Montana be on your vacation bucket list? Read on to discover why Montana is perfect for you.

1. Legendary State Parks Are a Stone's Throw Away

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Montana offers 170 state parks for vacationers like you to explore. Better yet, two of those parks have earned legendary status.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is tantalizingly close to Bozeman's buzzing downtown. So, world-class fly fishing and extravagant lodging & dining can all be enjoyed within the same day, even during the winter.

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park offers staggering views and crystal clear lakes for Montana vacationers to enjoy. While Glacier is close to six hours away from Bozeman, the drive is well worth it. We recommend taking two days to travel to and enjoy glacier when coming from Bozeman. Don’t worry though, your vacation rental will be clean and ready for your return!

2. The Museum of the Rockies

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The Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, MT, draws national attention with its rotatingexhibits and fossil collection. After all, Montana's history is rich with significant paleontological discoveries. Take Big Mike as an example.

Big Mike is one of the most complete T. Rex fossils found to date, and he was uncovered in Fort Peck, MT. The Museum of the Rockies hosts a cast replica of Big Mike's fossil—the original now lives in the Smithsonian. The rest of the Museum is littered with incredible dinosaur fossils found in Montana, and exhibits from around the world.

3. World Class Skiing & Fly Fishing

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Winter vacations in Montana make more sense than butter on toast. Bridger Bowl—Bozeman’s beloved local ski hill— is fifteen minutes away from our vacation rentals. Big Sky is an hour and a half away from Bozeman, and is known for its luxurious lodges, chairlifts, and expansive slopes. Both are renowned for their powder days, and either would make a worthy stop during your winter abroad. Then, come back in the warmer months and fish the same rivers as Brad Pitt in ‘A River Runs Through It.’

Stay for a night in Loft 503 or a month in our Little Cottages and ski & fish to your heart's content!

4. Historic Downtowns

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Towns rarely wear their history as proudly as Montana towns do. Bozeman's historic

downtown is filled with red brick buildings from the gold rush days.

Montanans value their history deeply. So, most buildings in Bozeman are restored, not renovated, and historic houses are dotted throughout neighborhoods. Most towns also have local history museums dedicated to the settlers that made the town you're visiting great—Bozeman is no exception.

Still, Montana's historic downtowns have not been sitting idle. Bozeman's downtown in particular—located just blocks from Loft 503 or Vintage House—has become a thriving cultural hub for lively nightlife and a home to all kinds of cuisine.

So, how about it—do you think that Bozeman deserves a pin in your map? If the answer is yes, Grab those hiking boots—or skis—and we’ll see you when you get here during your next Montana Vacation. Our luxury vacation rentals in Bozeman will leave you wanting for nothing.

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