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January 05, 2022

Top 5 Wine Bars & Shops in Bozeman

Whether you’re cozying up inside with a glass of red as the snow falls heavy outside or topping off a hot summer day with a crisp glass of white, there’s nothing so sweet as a great glass of wine in the middle of your dream vacation. Bozeman is known for its emphasis on local business, with more mom-and-pop shops making up our Main Street than larger chains by a long shot. These little businesses are run by locals who pour their heart, soul, and expertise into what they do—creating a shopping experience that feels downright personal, no matter what you find yourself perusing through.

Bozeman’s Best Wine Bars + Shops

The local wine scene is no exception. A stroll up and down Main Street will quickly reveal a smattering of different wine bars and shops available to locals and visitors alike. Depending on what you’re in the mood for, a variety of shops offer anything from a moody sit-down environment to a shopping experience that is backed by connoisseurs who know their product and love what they do. Today, we’re taking a look at some of our favorite stops along Main Street to meet whatever wine cravings you may have during your stay.

1. Blend

Blend hit the ground running in the summer of 2018 as the tasting room of Valo Cellars. Both are the brainchild of Michael Ruhland, a local Montanan who has spent the better half of the last two decades traveling the world, learning from vintners at all corners of the globe. Through his winery, he’s out to prove that Montana can make serious wine, and we believe he’s done it. Just off Main Street a few steps down South Willson is where you can find Blend and the fruits of his labor. Pop in and sidle up to the bar, where Michael himself can often be found. We highly recommend doing a tasting for the full experience of just how much he’s perfected his craft.

2. Vino per Tutti

Vino per Tutti, or “Wine for Everyone,” offers exactly that, and can be found near the east end of Main Street. If you’re looking for a night in with a great bottle of wine, whatever the occasion, this is the place you go in Bozeman. The small brick room is stocked full of wines from around the world at every price point. Owner Jeremiah Dawson prides himself on providing the best wines based on his own experience as opposed to whatever is trending in the latest wine publication. Hitch his love for wine with his background in culinary arts, and you get a sommelier with an excellent ability to suggest meal pairings of every kind. Wanting to try something new? Pop in and give them a rundown of what you typically like and allow them to suggest a new bottle — we promise it won’t disappoint.

3. Maven’s Market

Maven’s Market, located on west Main, just a little outside of downtown, is home to a variety of goodies, including their own bottled wine. Stop in and grab a bottle or stay and have a glass (or two). One of the best things about Maven’s is their extensive selection of charcuterie to choose from, whether you’re staying or going. Pick and choose from one of their many fresh blocks of cheese or call ahead and have them assemble a board for you to grab and go.

4. Plonk

Known around town for its artisan cocktails, Plonk also doubles as a wine bar, providing its own blends and bottles. Right in the middle of Main Street, this locally owned establishment provides the kind of atmosphere most glasses of wine demand — exposed antique brick, heavy velvet curtains, overstuffed chairs and tea candles a plenty. While you can’t go wrong with any wine on the menu, be it by the glass or bottle, we highly recommend the Plonk white or red. Pair it with their Ploughman’s Platter, or, if you’re feeling a little more ravenous than that, pair their kurobuta pork chop with a red, or their lemon thyme red snapper with a white.

5. Bozeman Wine Gallery

At the Bozeman Wine Gallery, you won’t find stuffy sommeliers pushing the latest point heavy pinot on you simply because it’s what’s popular. Instead, they want to hear from you — your likes, dislikes, and what you’re open to trying. They view the wine buying experience as a collaborative experience in which they get to guide customers through a world they love, while educating about as much as you’re interested in. They’ve got quite the selection, but if you’re looking to give something new a try, be sure to ask about their features. Each month, the Gallery highlights three new wines that are hand selected by the experts behind the business for you to enjoy. In a hurry? Pick your bottle online, place your order, and pick up in store on your way to or from your rental!

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