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February 24, 2021

5 Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Bozeman That Will Have You Coming Back for More

When it comes to the search for places to eat, vegans and vegetarians are well-versed in making do with side salads, especially while traveling. But we’ve got good news for the Bozeman visitor—there’ll be no living off Ziplocs of raw veggies you brought yourself from home. Instead, choose from the many eatery options in Bozeman that are either fully vegan, or reserve a large portion of their menu for vegan and vegetarian-friendly options. Let’s take a look at some of the best that Bozeman has to offer.

Backcountry Burger

If you just did a double-take at the burger place we’ve included on our vegan and vegetarian list, we don’t blame you one bit. But the reality is that this downtown restaurant is fabulously hip in its meatless offerings. The best part about their menu? You’re not relegated to choosing between the two vegan or vegetarian options on the menu (as so often happens at restaurants that claim to be “v friendly”). Instead, patrons can ask that any burger on the menu have their beef patty substituted for a Beyond Burger, complete with vegan cheese, vegan BBQ sauce, and gluten-free bun options. After a long day on the hill, there’s nothing quite like a hearty meal that still accommodates your lifestyle to settle you in and warm you up. This is surely the place for vegans and vegetarians in Bozeman to do just that.


We’ll be the first to tell you this one is heavier on the vegetarian options than vegan, but it still offers items that can accommodate both diets. Open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. each day, this breakfast and lunch establishment is tucked right at the center of Main Street in a historic building with all the funky vibes inside you need to start your day off in the right mood. Enjoy their decadent Avocado Toast, Beet & Root Hash, or Grazi’s Granola for breakfast. And for lunch, the Pink Lady salad (sans bacon, of course), Veg Head (tempting enough to sway the most exuberant meat-eater), or Mary Mo sandwich for lunch. We also highly recommend giving their boozy (and naturally meat-free) brunch drinks a try. Hit the G-Funk Mimosa for something light and fruity or the Irish Nitro Cold Brew for a coffee that will change the way you look at coffee.

Plonk Wine Bar

Plonk’s tagline reads, “Delight Your Senses,” and we couldn’t think of a better phrase to describe the experience that’s waiting for you at this posh wine and cocktail lounge. Also located in the heart of Main Street, Plonk’s dark atmosphere, deep, plush velvet lounge chairs, and antique ceilings are sure to set the tone for a great evening out. They offer small plates as well as a select number of gourmet entrees to choose from. Start with their Warm Olives, Summer Chef’s Salad, Heart of Palm ‘Crab Cake,’ Beet and Ricotta Gnocchi, or Tomato Tartare. For more filling options, vegans and vegetarians can look to the Massaman Curry. Polish it off with their Dark Chocolate Cheesecake, crafted with cashew ‘cream cheese’, sea salt cashew toffee and spiced coconut sorbet. When it comes to cocktails, there isn’t a single option on the menu that could lead you astray. Our favorites include the Cucumber Cilantro Gimlet, the Gin and Juice, or the Maker’s Ginger.

Rice Fine Thai Cuisine

If you’re craving Thai food, Rice is a great option for the Bozeman vegan or vegetarian. While the only thing that’s actually marked “v” on their menu is the spring rolls, just about every item on the menu has the potential to be made vegan and vegetarian friendly. Egg and fish sauce can be held, and tofu is offered as a protein option for just about any dish. Our absolute favorites? While it’s difficult to choose, we highly recommend the Pad Thai with tofu or the Pad Kra Prao if you’re looking for that powerfully distinct kick of Thai heat.


While this option isn’t located as conveniently as all our other picks, it’s more than worth the quick trip for any visiting vegan or vegetarian. Marketed as a plant-based eatery, this new spot is 100 percent vegan. This one is less of a sit-down dinner restaurant and better for lunch and quick on-the-go grabs. Choose from one of their breakfast options like tofu scramble tacos or build your own bowl for lunch. The menu offers an extensive list of nearly fifty different fruits, veggies, and legumes to choose from, opening the door to a different experience with every single visit. Located in Bozeman’s Ferguson Farm, this is an especially great grab if you’re heading out of town or coming back in from Big Sky.

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