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June 09, 2021

Getting Around Bozeman, Montana Without a Car

Bozeman may be situated in the heart of Big Sky Country, but it’s no secret that the city itself is pretty compact. (Don’t let that size fool you, there are vegan eateries, upscale speakeasies, and day spas aplenty.) This smaller stature comes with an upside — it makes everything incredibly easy to access. Here's how you can get around with a total sense of ease, even without a set of four wheels!

Getting Around Bozeman On Foot

Getting around so easily without a car has much to do with the fact that Bozeman keeps to an old school structure, with most of the city’s activity taking place on it’s beloved Main Street. Just under a mile from one end to the other, Main Street is home to some of Bozeman’s best boutiques, local coffee shops, bookstores, bars, restaurants, and even a grocery store offered through the local co-op. When staying close to downtown, visitors can easily head down to the main drag and spend an entire day strolling on foot from shop to shop. This is especially true in the summer months when the weather is pure perfection.

Getting Around Bozeman By Scooter

The addition of motorized scooters to Bozeman's downtown is a more recent one, causing excitement when they arrived in 2019. The Blink Rides scooters are tucked away each winter, but are available in the summer months to tourists and locals alike. By using the Blink app, you’re able to pay for and unlock a scooter at your disposal with the simple click of a button on your phone. And this season, they’re back with even more features. The Blink app will now allow you to reserve a scooter so you can ensure there will be an easy way to get around exactly when you need it. Traveling with a group? No worries — you can reserve up to four scooters at a time. The company charges by the minute and limits certain areas of travel. These are called “red zones,” where the scooter will shut down upon entering in order to keep the product within city limits. These little rides are the perfect way to get to and from your vacation home and Main Street in a jiff.

Getting Around Bozeman By Bike

If you’re looking for a more guaranteed way to get around town, we suggest turning to a bike. When you stay at a place like Loft 503, you'll have complimentary cruiser bikes included with your stay. Otherwise, bike rental shops like Owenhouse Cycling and Bangtail Bikes on Main Street make bike access easy. Grab yourself and your companions a road bike for as low as $40 and never worry about how you’re going to get around town. This is especially nice if you’d like to avoid renting a vehicle but still want to get a little further than downtown, exploring the city's parks, local hikes and backroads. Bozeman is incredibly bike friendly, with locals who are used to sharing the road with cyclists of all kinds. Plus, the extra peddling is the perfect way to burn a few of those vacation calories!

Getting Around Bozeman By Bus, Shuttle or Rideshare

Sometimes, you might just need to stray from Main Street to experience a new part of Bozeman. However, it still might feel like overkill to rent a car for your entire stay. When this happens, we highly recommend looking into the Streamline Bus system. Streamline is Bozeman’s fare-free bus system that travels all throughout town. If you’ve ever caught a glimpse of a yellow, vintage looking shuttle, then you’ve landed eyes on the Streamline. Not only will these well-kept carriers get you around Bozeman, but they also travel all the way to Four Corners, Belgrade, and even Livingston. Looking to head to Big Sky? The Streamline system connects directly with the Skyline Bus for easy access to and from the mountain town. This is especially useful in the winter months for those who are interested in heading up to Big Sky but aren’t comfortable driving a rental through the pass.

There are also a variety of private shuttles available to take you to and from the Bozeman Yellowstone International airport, as well as tour shuttles for those who want to visit Yellowstone National Park. And like most cities, Bozeman has Uber and Lyft for when you want to travel by car for just a few trips.

If you’re considering staying in Bozeman and want to avoid renting a car, our rentals offer easy, walkable access to the incredible shopping on Bozeman's Historic Downtown Main Street. Check out our suites, all a short walk to Main Street, and start planning your Bozeman adventure today.

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