Brianna Dudek - VR Bozeman
Brianna Dudek
Brianna Dudek
Concierge & Reservations

Joining VRBozeman in September of 2020, Brianna brings a great level of experience and expertise in the lodging and customer service world. Born and raised in Illinois, Brianna ventured to Montana to attend the University of Montana and Montana State University where she studied Sustainable Foods. With over six years of experience at the Gallatin River Lodge, she has developed an encompassing knowledge of how to work with guests, while managing teams to provide the highest service. Finding the beauty in everything she does, Brianna’s approach to life and her work are nearly synonymous. In her spare time, you can find her spending time in her backyard with her husband gardening and enjoying the Gallatin River or in the kitchen whipping up a new and exciting menu of food.


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